Referral fee – 100€ !

TeleQube is a modern European company which is working according to the modern standards and with a new way of thinking that is necessary for today's market. In order to prove this, we are offering a Referral fee to every person who sends us or recommend us a candidate who shall be our potential worker in expanding the Norwegian market.

What do you need to do?

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Find workers

TeleQube is a recruitment company specialized in finding best suited engineers to work in Europe. Europe is in high demand for experienced engineers in various industries (electrical engineering, telecommunications, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, software engineering and other). Our mission is to align your skills with the needs of our clients.
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How to apply?

TeleQube mission is to "move knowledge" from one part of the world to the other. You need to register on our site, and fill our CV format. Than you have to search jobs list and apply for a job. You will also need some documents to attach.
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